• Automatic Lift Doors
    Bus type
    5 years Warranty
    Auto delete faults,
              zero faults after installation
    Also available in size 155x160 cm
  • Automatic Lift Doors
    Central or Telescopic Opening
  • Lift Components / Machinery

Our products are reliable competitive innovative providing comfort and safety to users of the lift

High quality

Our Values


Our priority is to design and develop high quality automatic doors and elevator components, according to Greek and European regulations and standards of design and operation. For this reason, we insist to evaluate, measure and continuously monitor the functionality and mechanical strength of products, before their final disposal in the market.


Responsible for our associates and for the final consumer, My Lift Doors considers all the require measurements for safety use of lift doors and components of elevators for the final users of our products.

Reasonable prices

My Lift Doors offers its products in reasonable prices. Both the affordable prices of our products and the high quality of them, makes us competitive with innovative products in the market.

Continuous Evolution

Our belief is that, perfect is possible. Therefore, we follow meticulously all international trends and market advance in elevators. We take seriously into consideration any comment and observations from our customers by respecting their requirements and needs, in order to develop innovative and competitive products for lifts.


With transparency and reliability in our words and actions, we insist on quality, safety and low prices. We build strong collaborations, and we stand beside our associates and our customers.

Our vision

My Lift Doors is distinguished for the developedment and disposal of high quality automatic doors, bus doors and elevators components in Greek and European market. Our vision is the continuous upward progress in the market by offering innovative and competitive products for lifts.

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Company's philosophy is that perfect is possible. With evaluation and quality control at all stages of production of MLD BUS door. We are able to provide, warranty for the proper function of MLD BUS door for five (5) years, including free spare parts and product support
My Lift Doors has strategic alliances among the last years my lift doors has created strategic alliances, in both greek and european markets, having as goal the maximum sales and opportunities

Our Confidence Consistency is based on our relationship with our partners