Bus Door INOX

Bus Door, Automatic Lift Door


Inox Bus lift door, of four sheets (4S). It is high quality manufactured product with aethetic ergonomy according all safety regulation. It is availibale in many colors and inox styles. Moreover is can be cuctomized to size you need.

  • Five (5) years warranty
  • Auto delete faultswithout any action of expert.
  • Zero (0) faults after installation
  • Easy and quick installation (Factory preset)
  • Two type of mechanisms -80mm and 100mm-
  • Sufficient mechanical strength
  • Voltage stabolizer, uneffected by changes in input voltage
  • Accuracy and stability settings
  • Digital display for settings ans error codes
  • Warning Buzzer
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Double sheets for durable construction
  • Proper gap between 2 middle sheets
  • Close door position at 100% flat surface (flat type for all door sizes)
  • Scheduled closing force
  • Violation function for the opening anc closing of the door warning buzzer
  • Adjust speed (high and low)
  • Adjust accelaration
  • Use of tube either N/O or N/C using electronic board

Custom type sill are available, on demand.

Watch this product in operation
  • Specifications:

    • Safety
    • Reliability
    • Innovating
    • Aethetic
    • Resonable price
  • Description:

    MLD Greece