About us

A Path of success. progress. innovation. success.

My Lift Doors, is a newly established company placing automatic doors, bus doors and lift components in local and other European markets, in responsible prices


Who we are

My Lift Doors, aims to complete and effective service of its customers and partners,by fully securing technologically automated doors, bus doors and lift components.

To ensure those products, My Lift Doors special advisers, conduct a highly focused and extensive research on the world market lifts, having as criterion the custom manufacture of high quality products, combined with very low prices

Thus, our products, "build" a name-guarantee for our company, while ensuring safety, quality, and low cost products.

Since the beginning My Lift Doors invites you to know us better, our products, and our specialized services. We stand next to you after the sale for any future support

In times of economy crisis, we advice you to provide high quality innovative and competitive products and the same time the competitive advantage of our low prices. These beliefs make us different.and better among others.

Briefly, we offer you competitive advantage in the market, such as quality and reliable products at the best possible price and ... As they suit you

Our History

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  • My Lift Doors - MLD
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